A range of hand-made, British, all-valve guitar amplifiers, as well as a complementary range of effects pedals, with an emphasis on tone and build quality.


A true Class A 6W amplifier, with a high gain preamp. The power stage is switchable into 'triode mode', dropping the output to a still loud 2.5W.

A classic 50W Class AB head, built to the exacting standards of Vinny Burns, guitarist with Dare, Asia and Ultravox.

All amplifiers in the range come with separate 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs, boost or channel footswitch and bright switch. Power indicator is a ‘hi brightness’ LED that can easily be seen across a stage

A preamp boost pedal, specifically designed to complement the Tipton range of amplifiers, that is transparent to the tone and has excellent signal to noise properties



Mods & repairs

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