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Imagine that classic searing overdriven tone that only happens with a valve amp wound up to '10 on the dial'. Now you can get that tone without upsetting your recording engineer, or you can practice at home without having to compromise on tone or waking the neighbourhood.

The Tipton Slasher, named in honour of William Perry, the 19th century English prizefighter, another winner who never compromised, is a single ended, true class A amplifier. Rated at 6 Watts RMS, with a performance selected EL84 (6BQ5) output valve at its heart and a pair of high gain, low noise 7025 preamp valves with the clarity and sensitivity to make your guitar come alive.

The philosophy at Tipton is straightforward. No compromises. Nothing is left to chance. Amplifiers that deliver.

The small componentry is specifically selected following painstaking R&D for tone and reliability, coupled with an excellent signal to noise ratio.

The transformers are obtained from suppliers who understand it's all about tone, not maximising profits.

The Slasher features separate preamp gain and volume controls, fed through a classic tone circuit with adjustable treble, middle and bass. (Presence control is an option).

The amp can feed 4, 8 or 16 Ohm loudspeakers and features a pentode/triode switch that drops the output to a loud but manageable 2.5 Watts RMS. Even in this lower output configuration, The Slasher can coax a 4 x 12 cabinet, with driving mids, deep resonant bass and crystal clear highs.

You want the tone you get from driving the power stage hard? It's here!

You want the highly overdriven rock tone of the 70s and 80s? Look no further.

The Slasher does the 'brown sound' without unduly stressing components.

STOP PRESS: Now available as either a head or as a compact 1 x 12 combo, featuring the amazing Celestion™ G12 Century loudspeaker. Big on output, low on weight.

The Tipton Slasher. Prizefighter. Order yours today.


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